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Every year we create a new Kindness Ninja checklist. All items on this list have to qualify 3 criteria: 1) anyone should be able to do it; 2) it should not require significant financial resources; 3) you should be able to do it to as many people as you wish.


Here are just a few examples of checklist items from previous years:
– Send a postcard to your school teacher;
– Leave a treat on the window shield of a stranger’s car;
– Invite your neighbor to a self-made dinner;
– Allow someone else help you;
– Stand on the street with a ‘You Are Awesome’ sign.


We’ve found that most people are not necessarily “in it to win it”. They complete the challenge from year to year and to connect with like-minded people, experience great feelings, give back to the world, reconnect with their inner child and change their own life and lives of others.


But if winning is your kind of thing, then winning and running up teams will split 10 key prizes to continue their acts of kindness in local communities and beyond! Last years’ teams have won prizes from GoPro, Herschel, Happy Socks, TOMS, and KIND.


In addition, regardless of collected points, all teams who complete 100 acts of kindness in 7 days of the challenge will receive a limited edition certificate recognizing them as official Kindness Ninjas 2017.

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When is it once again?

In 2017 the Kindness Ninja hunt takes place between November 11 and 18. To be precise, the checklist will be published at 11.11(am) GMT on November 11. The deadline for uploading all your captured acts of kindness is at 18.18(pm) GMT on November 18.


Where does it take place?

It is a global hunt – so there is no limit on the geography, as long as you have an opportunity to upload pictures of your completed acts of kindness by the deadline.


How do we collect points for completed acts of kindness?

You capture them on a photo or a video and upload them on our website. Each time you submit something, you get points! Don’t worry – the quality of the video or your photo skills will not influence the scores.


How are total points calculated?

Every act of kindness on the checklist is equal 10 points. If you do the same act of kindness to two people, you get 5 extra points. If three people receive the same act of kindness – 3 extra points, if four – 2 extra points, if five and more – for every extra person you get 1 extra point.
For example, if you decided to give a flower to 10 strangers, you would get 10+5+3+2+6×1=26 points.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of team members?

While it is possible to complete the checklist alone in the designated time, we strongly recommend forming a team of maximum 10 people. Not only you will have much larger impact and higher chances of winning, but you will also have more fun in the process.


Can I involve other people helping us out?

Sure! You can convince as many people as you would like to help you doing more acts of kindness. The only thing to bear in mind is that they will not be entitled to the prizes as official team members.


Can I suggest an act of kindness for the 2017 checklist?

Drop us a line at ambassadors(at)kindnessninja.me. Please note that we cannot promise that all suggestions will be included.


What happens with the participation fee?

All proceeds are donated to the 100happydays foundation to supports its mission of increasing emotional well-being and intelligence of people across the world.


How can I get in contact with you?

Kindness Ninja team is reachable at ambassadors(at)kindnessninja.me

None of 91 700 inspired acts of kindness would be possible without ambassadors bringing and promoting the Kindness Ninja scavenger hunt to their local & global communities. Interested in becoming an ambassador? Drop us a message and we will tell you how: ambassadors(at)kindnessninja.me