Appreciate your past. Create your future.
As we get older, it’s not uncommon to look back at our younger selves and wish to pass on the knowledge we’ve gained to our mini me’s. But instead of reflecting back and wishing your young you knew or did something differently, how about doing exactly the opposite? Write a letter to your future self sharing love, wisdom and gratitude you have in life right now.
Positive psychologists and life coaches worldwide agree that Letters to Your Future Self is one of the most powerful exercises to clear your vision, to bring more purpose into your life, to reflect honestly on your own personal growth, to develop self-awareness and to make your dreams come true. Be it your birthday, graduation, anniversary, child birth or any other life event – your future self would love to hear what you are going through.
Just send your letter in a self-addressed envelope to us and then receive it in due time.
I: Write a letter to your future self
II: Get the shipping address by prepaying storage
III: Send a sealed letter to the specified address
IV: Receive your letter when it’s due
Crystallize the vision of your desired future
Take gratitude stock of all good things
Find focus on what matters the most
Develop self-awareness
Evaluate personal growth & progress
Get inspiration to take action
Learn from your past self
Give yourself a memory
Write the letter now
Q: How do I start?
A: Plan to take at least thirty minutes writing your letter. Pick a paper and give it a start with: “Dear (Insert name here), I’m so glad that you are doing so well. I am happy to hear that….”
Q: Which time frame should I pick?
A: For short-term goals a year might be a good choice, for longer life-goals 5-10 horizon might be more suitable. Bear in mind the time frame when writing your letter. There’s no point in this exercise if you say things like, “I’m going to be a billionaire” in one year with little means to get there.
Q: What should I write about?
A: It’s up to you. You can write about where you hope to be in several years, or what your life is like today, or write about what you ate for breakfast. You can write a letter of compassion, ambition, empathy, or gratitude. The point is just to stop and reflect on yourself, your life, and the passage of time. There is no correct answer.
Q: Alright, but do you have any pointers?
A: Whatever you decide to write about, be specific. Go into details in each area of your life. Remember, it’s not only about setting high expectations towards yourself, it’s also about giving your future self some love. Here are a few recommendations: an advice to your future self, future professional and personal aspirations / hopes / wishes, fears and anxieties you wish to overcome, great things that happened to you and you are grateful for, 5 most important people in your life now, big life events that have happened recently, or things that are happening soon
Q: Whom do I contact with my questions like changing the address & etc?
A: With all practical questions please reach out to foundation(at)